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White Tranvertine Iran NEW-NT0008
Product Details
  • Place of Origin:Xiamen City,Fujian Provice,China
  • specification:600*300*18 mm
  • Model Number:600*300 mm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
  • Payment Terms:TT 40% down payment, 60% the balance before shipment
  • Packaging Details:Plastic Bag,Carton

1.Light Weight.  3.6KGS/SQM. In sharp contrast to Real Stone:74KGS/SQM.

2.The quickest to fit. 200SQM/Day available. Widely Differ from Real Stone: 5SQM/DAY

3.Flame Retardant. Proved by ASTM E84-08 Grade "A"

Flame Spread Index: 11.4 (Std.0~25); Smoke Developed Value: 187 (Std.0~450)

4. Eco-Friendly. Comply with ROHS.

No CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon), No Formaldehyde, No Radon etc substances

5.Thermal insulating. Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K)≤0.02

6.Water-proof. Water absorption(V/V %)≤1%

7.acoustic insulating, UV resistant, electricity insulated, 100% weather proof

8. Fire-proofing, anti-month, mildew-proof, anticorrosion, quake-proof.

9. extremely durable. The wall panel can be used for 15 years old without fading obvious.

   10. Usage

Our “stones” can be used Convenience Store, Specialty Store, Home, House Foundation, Family Room, Club Wall, Fireplace, MailBox, Hotel, Resterant, Wedding Backdrop, Pub, Bed Room, Pub and so on.

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